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Surya Namaskar

surya namaskar

Morning to all friends!

Here we will talk about Surya Namaskar. Surya Namaskar is a very beautiful part of our daily routine. We consider Surya Namaskar as a yoga or physical practice.

There are a total of 12 poses in Surya Namaskar, which are related to our physical race. It makes us nimble, flexible and strong in muscle. They also increase our immunity.

12 poses of Surya Namaskar-

Prayer Pose – Pranamasana
Raised Arms Posed -Hastauttanasana
Hand to Foot Pose – Hasta Padasana
Equestrian Pose – Ashwa Sanchalanasana
Stick Pose – Dandasana
Salute with Eight Points – Ashtanga Namaskara
Cobra Pose – Bhujangasana
Mountain Pose – Parvatasana
Equestrian Pose – Ashwa Sanchalanasana
Hand to Foot Pose – Hasta Padasana
Raised Arms Posed – Hastauttanasana
Standing Mountain Pose – Tadasana

These 12 poses are given, they are adopted during Surya Namaskar. This is good for our health because it keeps our mind calm. Surya Namaskar develops positiveness in life.

Although we all know and understand its importance, but in today’s time people prefer to go to gym instead of doing yoga. This is also true, but with this the body needs more strength. We can do Surya Namaskar anywhere in the house or garden.

Surya Namaskar We should wake up early in the morning. This gives our body many benefits such as the mind remains calm, feels fresh, does not cause illness, Digestive capacity increases, bones become strong and flexible, body becomes curvy and many other physical defects are removed.

Both children and elders should do Surya Namaskar. It is a physical exercise. But people who have a problem should not do it without doctor’s advice.

World Yoga Day is celebrated to do yoga, which motivates you to do yoga. Nowadays Yoga schools are organized so that they can do it in daily routine. This is a very good opportunity in today’s time because people are engaged in social media and digital games throughout the day, which directly affects the mind. Surya Namaskar is helpful in removing these harmful effects.

It does not take much time to do Surya Namaskar. It only takes 30-45 minutes so that we can get many positive results in no time.In addition, it also works for depression and stress. If you also want to make your life pleasant and positive, then definitely greet the sun.

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