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wwf full form

wwf full form

wwf full form

The full form of WWF is World Wild Fund.
The full form of WWF is the World Wild Federation.
WWF’s full form is World Wild Fund for Nature International.

It is a charitable trust.
This related from World Wildlife.
 Its president is Pawan Sukhdev.

The World Wild Fund for Nature International is a non-government organization. It was made in 1971. This head quarter is located in Switzerland. This organization was created to prevent the harmful effects of humans in forest areas. This was the important objective of creating this organization. It is also functioning in the future and is offering its services worldwide.

This organization also has a formal name. It is known as the World Wildlife Fund. It was named by Canada and the United States.

It provides protection to the animals in the world. The creatures that are slowly disappearing are saved. If any wild animals become ill, they help to take them to the hospital. Animals are protected from human hazards. Apart from this, there are many types of funds which are reserved for the living.

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