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PR Full Form

PR Full Form 2020
PR Full Form 2020

What is pr full form?

Many full forms of PR. These are related to the following fields. These forms are useful in their own field like sport, computing, medical, politics and many more. 

These forms are very important. You can see and read this. You can share it with your friends. Knowledge is valuable in each field. 

PR Full Form / AbbreviationCategory
Public Relations Other
Press ReleaseMedia
Partial remissionPhysiology
Price ReceivedAccounts and Finance
Password RecoveryComputer Security
Purcell RealizationSports
Procurement RegulationSpace Science
Power ReferenceElectronics
Pick and RollSports
poor responderBritish Medicine
Progesterone receptorLaboratory
propranololBritish Medicine
program requirementsGovernment
Payload RecorderSpace Science
Purchase RequisitionEducation
Progress ReportUS Government
pulse rate,Government
plotting and radarGovernment
Picatinny RailMilitary and Defence
pattern recognitionGovernment
Project RenewalOrganization
Performance RecognitionJob Title
Prospera ResearchOrganization
Pressure RatioSpace Science
Please RetryTelecommunication
program registerGovernment
Parkchester RecreationOrganization
production requirementGovernment
Pack RatOther
prevalence rateBritish Medicine
Personal RelationshipBusiness
Public RelationsEducation
PrimarySpace Science
Personal RecordSports
Princeton ReviewMedia
Paul ReverePopular
Partido RevolucionarioGuatemalan
primitive reflexesBritish Medicine
BOMBAY PARELIndian Railway Station
Previously ReportedBusiness
directorate of programs and resourcesGovernment
Pressure RegulatorSpace Science
Provincial RoadTransportation
Personal RelationshipsCommunity
Praxisklinik RennbahnMedical
Program RevenueAccounts and Finance
Primary ZoneMilitary
Puerto RicanUS Government
Person ResponsibleLaw
purchase requirementGovernment
Previous ResidenceReal Estate
Problem ReportSpace Science
purchase request, 21Government
Pigeon RankSports
passive resistancePhysiology
procurement requestGovernment
Pulse RateSpace Science
Press and ReleaseComputer Hardware
Pax RomanaOrganization
Performance RatingJob Title
Pork RecordingsMusic
photo reconnaissanceGovernment
Pressure ReferenceChemistry
Page RankComputing
Possibles ResourceOrganization
Pathogenesis RelatedHuman Genome
Power RankingsSports
Perfect ResourceNetworking
Purchase RequestNASA
Pinch runnerSports
Public RadioMedia
Pamoja RadioOrganization
pulse rationGovernment
Phoenix RavenMilitary and Defence
Pakistan RailwaysTransportation
peripheral resistanceBritish Medicine
Probably RanSports
Punk RockMusic
preliminary reviewGovernment
Puro RascalsFunny
Public ResourcesOrganization
Project RespectOrganization
Permanent RepresentativeUnited Nations
Puerto RicoState
Performance ReportSpace Science
Pentium RatedComputer Hardware
Permanent ResidentUS Government
Program ReviewMilitary
production rateBritish Medicine
Pull RequestInformation Technology
Personnel RecoveryMilitary and Defence
Pension RosenchaletMedical
Sun Raster File Bitmap GraphicsFile Type
Position RecordSpace Science
polymyalgia rheumaticaBritish Medicine

There are hundred of full form of PR. What is correct full form of PR? Here is given a list of PR Full Form. You can choose PR Full Form according your choice.

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