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lcm full form

lcm full form

LCM has many full forms. There is a parallel in their different fields. They have been given full forms here and it has also been told which field it belongs to. These full forms are the following-

LCM _ Laser Capture Microdissection (Technology)
LCM London Collage of Music (Science)
LCM Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis (Medical)
LCM Landing Craft Mechanized (Transport)
LCM Lower of Cost of Market (Business)
LCM La Cumbre Airport (Transport)
LCM Leeds Collage of Music (Science)
LCM London City Mission (Organization)
LCM Letalski Center Meribor (Organization)
LCM Least Common Multiple (Science)
LCM Life Cycle Medical (Science)
LCM Lutheran Campus Ministry (Science)
LCM Long Course Matters (Sports)
LCM Levitt Capital Management (Business)
LCM Little Company of Mary (Business)
LCM Little Cycle Model (Military)
LCM Left Costal Margin (Medical )
LCM Logistics Chain Management (Military)
LCM Lure Courser of Merit (
LCM Language for Conceptual Modeling (Computing)
LCM Local Command Mode (Computing)
LCM Local Controller Module (Computing)
LCM Lithuanian Center Movement (Government)
LCM Lansing Christian Messenger (Community)
LCM Laser Capture Molecular Core (Medical)
LCM Lost of Calories Munchies
LCM Linear Conservation of Momentum (Science)
LCM Listed Company Manual (Business)
LCM Loss Circulation Material (Science)

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