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full form of school

full form of school

By the way, we take the meaning of assembly SCHOOL from school, where we are imparted knowledge. Apart from this, there are many full forms of SCHOOL. Here are the following meaning of similar schools.

full form of school

SCHOOL – Stupid Contaminated Humans Operation of Learning
SCHOOL – Seven Crappy Hours of Our Lives}
SCHOOL – Seven Cruel Hours of Our Lives
SCHOOL – Seven Crap Hours of Our Life
SCHOOL – Several Crappy Hours of Our Lives
SCHOOL – Students Crushed Humans Offering Old Lemons
SCHOOL – Six Crappy Hours of Our Lives
SCHOOL – Student, Culture, Honesty, Orderliness, Obedience and Learning
SCHOOL – Six Cruel Hours of Our Lives
SCHOOL – Summoning Cheap Human Or Octopus Leg
SCHOOL – Six Coolest Hours of Our Life
SCHOOL – Study Communicational Ours of Hours Organization of Library
SCHOOL – School Come Hear Over and Out for Learning
SCHOOL – Success Come hard Outside of Learning

Basically SCHOOL means that where a child is educated, apart from that he is made capable, for the future and all the information related to him is given a simple habit and even more experience. School is the basis of our life after our family which makes us complete towards any work.

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