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World Water Day 22 March 2020 Theme, Images, Quotes

World Water Day 2020 Theme, Images, Quotes

World Day for Water: This day is celebrated on 22nd March . The main purpose to celebrate this day is to spread awareness about the importance of freshwater in the world.

World Water Day 2020 Theme, Images, Quotes
World Water Day 2020 Theme, Images, Quotes

We all know that water is the most important aspect of every living body. But as we can see, many people unnecessarily waste water and pollute water and this will cause scarcity of water in future.

The theme of this day is “Water and Climate Change”. Everybody should use water in a sustainable manner.

Many people in this world are not able to use freshwater as it keeps declining. By organising different types of events and activities awareness can be spread.

Popular Slagon for Water Day 22 March

World Water Day 2020 Slogan, Theme

Save water, save the life on the earth.

Save the sea to see the future.

If we don’t learn to conserve, we’ll all be fish out of water.

Today’s rainwater is tomorrow’s lifesaver so think outside the sink!

Water is life, treat it right.

Be aware, use water with care!

Save water, and it will save you.

Either rich or poor; everyone needs water.

Save water, secure the future!

Water is more precious than gold.

World Water Day 2020 Quotes

World Water Day 22 March, Quotes, Slagon

One Good Action Repeated A Million Times
Creates Global Change..!!
World Water Day

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