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Today is which day?

today is which day?

Good morning friends.

Today we will talk about Today is which day.

Today is which day as we know it is celebrated on some particular day in our country.

Today is which day also tells us that this is the specialty of the day and why it is being celebrated etc.

Today we will discuss here on the special day of the year. As we know, every day a special day is celebrated. Some special days which are very important for us like Republic Day, Independence Day, Mothers Day, Father’s Day, Martyr’s Day etc.

List of Important Days in January 2020

Global Family Day1st January
World Braille Day4th January
African National Congress Foundation Day8th January
Pravasi Bharatiya Divas or NRI Day 9th January
World Hindi Day 10th January
Death anniversary of Lal Bahadur Shastri 11th January
National Youth Day 12th January
Indian Army Day 15th January
Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Jayanti 23rd January
International Day of Girl Child 24th January
National Voters Day 25th January
National Tourism Day 25th January
Republic Day 26th January
International Customs Day 26th January
Martyrs Day 30th January
World Leprosy Eradication Day 30th January (Last Sunday of January month).

List of Important Days in February 2020

Surajkund Crafts Mela 1st February
Indian Coast Guard Day 1st February
World Wetlands Day 2nd February
World Cancer Day 4th February
National Day of Sri Lanka 4th February
international Development Week 7th February
Darwin Day 12th February
World Day of Social Status 20th February
International Mother Language Day 21st February
World Scout Day 22nd February
Central Excise Day 24th February
World Sustainable Energy Day 27th February
National Science Day 28th February

List of Important Days in March 2020

World Civil Defence Day 1st March
Zero Discrimination Day 1st March
World Wildlife Day 3rd March
World Hearing Day 3rd March
National Security Day 4th March
World Kidney Day 2nd Thursday in March
International Women’s Day 8th March
No Smoking Day 13th March i.e. 2nd Wednesday in March
World Consumer Rights Day 15th March
World Disabled Day 15th March
Ordinance of Factories Day 18th March
International Day of Happiness 20th March
World Sparrow Day 20th March
World Forestry Day 21st March
World Poetry Day 21st March
World Day for Water 22nd March
World Meteorological Day 23rd March
World TB Day 24th March
World Theatre Day 27th March

List of Important Days in April 2020

Fools Day1st April
World Health Day 7th April
National Maritime Day 5th April
World Autism Awareness Day 2 April
International Mine Awareness Day 4 April
International Turban Day 13th April
World Parkinson’s Day 11th April
National Safe Motherhood Day 11th April
National Pet Day 11th April
World Haemophilia Day 17th April
International Workers Memorial Day 28th April
World Piano Day 30th March.
World Safety and Health Day 28th April
World Veterinary Day 28th April
National Panchayat Raj Day 24th April
International Mother Earth Day 22nd April
World Book & Copyright Day 23rd April
National Civil Service Day 21st April
World Liver Day 19th April
World Heritage Day 18th April
World Homoeopathy Day 10th April
Samata Diwas or Equality Day 5th April
Ayushman Bharat Diwas: 30th April
International Dance Day 29th April
International Jazz Day 30th April

List of Important Days in May 2020

Maharashtra Day 1st May
International Workers Day 1st May
Gujarat Day 1st May
World Tuna Day 2nd May
World Press Freedom Day 3rd May
National Space Day 1st Friday of May
International Firefighters Day (IFFD) 4th May
Coal Miners Day 4th May
World Password Day 1st Thursday of May.
World Laughter Day 1st Sunday of May ( 5th May).
World Asthma Day 7th May
International Mid Wives Day 5th May
World Athletics Day 7th May (IAAF – International Association of Athletic Federation)
World Thalassemia Day 8th May
World Red Cross Day 8th May
World Migratory Bird Day 11th May
National Technology Day 11th May
international Nurse Day 12th May (It is celebrated on the Birth Day of Florence Nightingale)
International Day of Families 15th May
World Telecommunications and Information Society Day 17th May
World Hypertension Day 17th May
International Museum Day 18th May
World AIDS Vaccine Day 18th May
World Metrology Day 20th May
World Bee Day 20th May
International Day for Biological Diversity 22nd May
National Commonwealth Day 24th May
Anti-Tobacco Day 31st May

List of Important Days in June 2020

World Milk Day 1st June
World Blood Donor Day 1st June
International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression 4th June
World Environment Day 5th June
World Oceans Day 8th June
Father’s Day 3rd June
Anti-Child Labor Day 12th June
World Blood Donor Day 14th June
World Refugee Day 20th June
International Day of Yoga 21st June
International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking 26th June

List of Important Days in July 2020

National Doctors Day. 1st July
International Joke Day. 1st July
National CA (Chartered Accountants) Day 1st July
International Day of Cooperatives. 1st July
World Sports Journalists Day 2nd July
World UFO Day (UFO: ‎Unidentified Flying Objects‎). 2nd July
American Independence Day (United States). 4th July
National Bikini Day. 5th July
World Zoo-noses Day 6th July
World Kiss Day 6th July
World Chocolate Day 7th July
Global Forgiveness Day. 7th July
International Mango Festival Day. 9th July
World Population Day 11th July
Malala Day. 12th July
National Ice-Cream Day (United States) 16th July
World Day for International Justice. 17th July
Nelson Mandela Day. 18th July
Pi Approximation Day. 22nd July
Kargil Vijay Diwas Day. 26th July
System Administrator Appreciation Day 28th (last Friday in July)
World Hepatitis Day. 28th July
World Tiger Day. 29th July
National Father in Law Day. 30th July
National Whistleblower Appreciation Day 30th July

List of Important Days in August 2020

International Friendship Day 4th August (1st Sunday in August)
Hiroshima Day 6th August
Quit India Day, Nagasaki Day 9th August
International Youth Day 12th August
World Organ Donation Day 13th August
Pakistan Independence Day 14th August
Indian Independence Day 15th August
Indonesian Independence Day 17th August
World’s Indigenous Peoples 18th August
World Mosquito Day 20th August
Women’s Equality Day 26th August
International Day of the Worlds Indigenous Day 9th August
National Daughter’s Day 11th August
Photography Day 19th August
World Senior Citizen’s Day 21st August
National Sports Day 29th August

List of Important Days in September 2020

Skyscraper Day 3rd September
National Teacher’s Day (Dr. Radha Krishnan’s Birthday) 5th September.
International Day of Charity 5th September
Sanskrit Day 5th September
Defense Day 6th September
Brazilian Independence Day 7th September
World Forgiveness Day 7th September
International Literacy Day 8th September
World Suicide Prevention Day 10th September
Patriot Day 11th September
World First Aid Day 14th September
National Engineer’s Day 15th September
Hindi Diwas Day 14th September
International Day of Democracy 15th September
World Ozone Day 16th September
International Talk Like a Pirate Day 19th September
International Day of Peace 21st September
World Alzheimer’s Day 21st September
Social Justice Day 25th September
European Day of Languages 26th September
World Contraception Day 26th September
World Tourism Day 27th September
World Maritime Day 27th September
World Rabies Day 28th September
World Heart Day 29th September
International Translation Day 30th September
World Rivers Day Last Saturday of September

List of Important Days in October 2020

International Day of Older Persons, World Vegetarian Day 1st October
International Day of Non-Violence 2nd October
World Habitat Day 1st Monday
World Animal Welfare Day 4th October
World Teachers Day 5th October
World Smile Day 6th October
Indian Airforce Day 8th October
World Post Office Day 9th October
World Mental Health Day, World Day Against the Death Penalty 10th October
National Girl Child Day 11th October
International Day for Disaster Reduction 13th October
International Standards Day 14th October
World Students Day, International Day for Rural Women 15th October
World Food Day 16th October
International Day for the Eradication of Poverty 17th October
World Statistics Day 20th October
World Sight Day 2nd October
World Food Day 16th October
World Development Information Day 24th October
United Nations Day, World Polio Day 24th October
National Ayurveda Day 28th October
International Internet Day 29th October
World Thrift Day 30th October
National Unity Day 31st October

List of Important Days in November 2020

World Tsunami Day 5th November
National Cancer Awareness Day 7th November
Legal Services Day 9th November
Children’s Day 14th November
World Diabetes Day 14th November
National Epilepsy Day 17th November
Africa Industrialization Day 20th November
World Television Day 21st November
International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People 29th

List of Important Days in December 2020

World AIDS Day 1st December
National Pollution Control 2nd December
World Day of the Handicapped 3rd December
Indian Navy Day 4th December
Indian Armed Forces Flag Day 7th December
Human Rights Day 10th December
International Children’s Day of Broadcasting 11th December
International Mountain Day 11th December
World Energy Conservation Day 14th December
Vijay Diwas 16th December
Minorities Rights Day 18th December
National Mathematics Day 22nd December
Kisan Divas, Farmer’s Day 23rd December
National Consumers Day 24th December
Christmas Day 25th December

Indian Festivals Celebrated in January 2020

DayDateWeek Day
Shakmari Purnima10th JanFriday
Ravi Pushya12th Jan Sunday
Sankashthi Maghi Chaturthi13th Jan Monday
Makar Sakranti15th Jan Wednesday
Bhanu Saptami17th Jan Friday
Mauni Amavasya24th Jan Friday
Gupt Navaratra Arambh25th Jan Saturday
Republic Day26th Jan Sunday
Gauri Purnima28th Jan Tuesday
Vasant Panchami30th Jan Thursday

Indian Festivals Celebrated in February 2020

Week DayDateDay
Saturday 1st FebNarmada Jayanti
Sunday 9th FebDanda Ropina Purnima
Thursday 13th FebShri Mahakaleshwar Navaratra Arambh
Friday 21st FebMahashivratri
Sunday 23rd FebFalguni Amavasya

Indian Festivals Celebrated in March 2020

Week DayDateDay
Tuesday3rd MarHolashthak Arambh
Monday9th MarHolika Poojan
Tuesday 10th MarDhulndi, Rangotsav
Sunday15th MarSheetala saptami
Monday16th MarSheetala Ashtami
Wednesday18th MarDashamaata Pooja
Tuesday24th MarChatriy Amavasyaa
Wednesday25th MarVasanti Navaratra
Friday27th MarGauri Tritiya

Indian Festivals are Celebrated in April 2020

Week DayDateDay
Thursday2th AprRam Navami
Monday5th AprMahaveer Jayanti, Anang Triyodashi
Wednesday8th AprHanumaan Jayanti, Vaishakh Arambh
Saturday18th AprVaruthini Ekadashi
Saturday25th AprParshuram Jayanti
Sunday25th AprAkshay Tritiya
Tuesday28th AprAadishankaracharya Jayanti
Wednesday29th AprRamanujacharya Jayanti

Indian Festivals are Celebrated in May 2020

Week DayDateDay
Wednesday6th MayShri Nrisingh Jayanti
Thursday7th MayPurnima, Budh Jayanti
Friday22nd MayShani Jayanti, Bhavuka Amawaysya

Indian Festivals are Celebrated in June 2020

Week Day DateDay
Monday1st JuneGanga Dashahara
Friday5th Junevat Savitri Purnima
Sunday21st JuneKankanakriti Sury Grahan
Monday 22nd JuneAshadhi Gupt Navaratra
Tuesday23rd JuneJagdish Rath Yatra, Grahanshool
Monday 29th JuneGupt Navaratra Samapt

Indian Festivals are Celebrated in July 2020

Week DayDateDay
Wednesday1st JulyDevshayani Ekadashi
Sunday5th JulyGuru Purnima
Monday6th JulyMahakaleshwar Svaari Arambh
Monday20th JulySomvati Hariyali Amavasya
Saturday25th JulyNaag Panchami

Indian Festivals are Celebrated in August 2020

Week DayDateDay
Monday3rd AugSharavani Purnima, Raksha Bandhan
Tuesday11th AugShri Krishna Janmashtami
Wednesday12th AugShri Krishna Janmashtami
Saturday15th AugIndependence Day, Aja Ekadashi
Wednesday19th AugKhushitpaatani Pithhori Amavasya
Friday21st Aug Haritaalika Teej, Varaah Jayanti
Saturday22nd Aug Shri Ganesha Chaturthi
Sunday23rd Aug Rhishi Panchami Vrat
Monday24th Aug Surya Shashthi, Balwant Chhath
Tuesday25th Aug Radhashathmi
Thurday27th Aug Chandra Navami
Friday28th Aug Teja Dashami

Indian Festivals are Celebrated in September 2020

Week DayDateDay
Tuesday1st SepAnant Chaturdashi
Wednesday2nd SepMahalaya Shradh Arambh
Thursday17th SepSarvapitra Amavasya
Friday18th SepPoorushotam Maas Arambh

Indian Festivals are Celebrated in October 2020

Week DayDateDay
Friday16th OctPoorushotam Maas Samapt
Saturday17th Oct Sharviya Navaratra Arambh
Saturday24th Oct Durgashathami, Mahashathami
Sunday25th Oct Mahanavami Pooja, Vijaya Dashami
Friday30th Oct Sharad Purnima, Kojagiri Vrat

Indian Festivals are Celebrated in November 2020

Week DayDateDay
Wednesday4th NovKarva Chauth
Friday13th Nov Dhanteras
Saturday14th Nov Narakahara Chaturthadashi, Roop Chaturthadashi, Mahalaxmi Pooja
Sunday15th Nov Goverdhan Poojan, Annakoot
Monday16th Nov Bhai Dooj,
Thursday19th Nov Saubhagya Panchami, Pandav Panchami
Friday20th Nov Surya Shashathi, Chhath Pooja
Sunday22nd NovGopashathami
Monday23rd NovAkshaya Navami, Anvala Navami
Wednesday25th Nov Dev prabandhani Ekadashi
Saturday28th Nov Vaikunth Chaurthadashi
Monday30th Nov Kartik Purnima, Gurunanak Jayanti

Indian Festivals are Celebrated in December 2020

Week DayDateDay
Monday7th DecKaal Bhairav Ashathami, Kaal Bhairav Ashathami
Monday14th DecSomvati Amavasya
Sunday20th DecSkandha Chhath
Tuesday29th DecVrat ki Purnima
Wednesday30th DecMarg Shirsh Purnima

This is the day we celebrate. Whatever the National Day celebrates, the State Government and Central Government celebrate it with a good theme. New objectives are kept in the theme of these days. These objectives are related to social welfare and hit.

Every day is special and is related to some issue or some special person who was the pride of our country and still inspires us. It is these days that make our every day special. There are some such days in which we send greetings to all friends and relatives.

To start this day new plans are also made, which makes our day important. These days are special dates that we celebrate with pleasure. Some of these days are so important that give new direction to our life.

Every day is a special day. These days are celebrated like a festival which makes them even more important. These days also make us aware for different subjects. All different days have different roles in our lives.

Today on this page today, on our page, such similar year-old days have been told. They are related to our field of education. On some days national and state and local holidays are also kept. We celebrate this day with our parents, siblings and special friends. It makes our day energetic and memorable.

Today this Witch Day also celebrates the days related to Nature and Earth such as Green Day, Earth Day, Environment Day etc. These are for the protection of our nature. It also makes us aware about the value and importance of our page. This is very useful for our lives.

All the days have different importance which are the main part of news and newspaper and current affairs. Everyday news is easily received by them too. By the way, the Internet is at the forefront of all this information.

Today a list has been given about this which can be known today.

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