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Samta Diwas 2020 Theme, Images, Quotes

Samta Diwas 2020 Theme, Images, Quotes

Samata Diwas or Equality day 

Samata diwas was established on 5 April 1908. Samata diwas is the celebration of the birth anniversary of nationalist politician babujagjivan ram. Samata Diwas is observed on 5 April every year. Samata diwas or equality day bringing about equality among all spheres of the society. Samata Diwas is celebrated with a variety of activities. BabuJagjivan Ram was organised at 0730 hrs to 0800 hrs on 5th April 2017 at SamtaSthal, opposite Rajghat, New Delhi by the BabuJagjivan Ram National Foundation.

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