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International Women’s Day 2021 Theme, Images, Quotes

Women’s Day: International Women’s Day 2021 Theme, Images, Quotes

International Women’s Day 2021 Theme, Images, Quotes
International Women’s Day 2021 Theme, Images, Quotes

Women’s day is celebrated on March 8 every year. This day is celebrated as a celebration to commemorate the economic, political and social achievements of women by expressing respect, admiration and love for women in different parts of the world. The objective of celebrating international women’s day has been changing with time and women’s changing status in society. In the beginning when it was launched in the 19th century, women enjoyed the right to vote but now with the change of time its objectives were something like this.

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International Women’s Day is celebrated on 8 March every year in the world. It is a worldwide day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. On this day throughout the world, women are recognised by their achievements and roles in different fields. Women can be a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend; these all are joining and making a women. Everybody has different roles and duties. Nowadays women’s Day is celebrated in schools, offices, and where women’s are working. We are saluting her contribution to society. Women are building the world a better place to live. Women empowerment lies in honouring and treating yourself with respect. She has inside her the strength to fight for whatever is right!

The most important purpose of celebrating women’s day is to maintain equality between women and men. Even today, there are many parts in the world where women do not have the right to equality. While women face obstacles in promotion, women in self – employment still lag behind. Women still lag behind in education and healthcare in many countries. Also, cases of violence against women can still be noticed. One of the objectives of celebrating women’s day is to make people aware.

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  • Why did the start of women’s day – women’s day started for women to right to vote because there were so many countries where women don’t have right to vote. 
  • Women’s get every fundamental right – In India a woman has the right to education, the right to vote and the right to vote, even women holds an equal status in her husband’s property. 
  • The country of mother durga and kali – Mother Durga and kali are worshiped in India and so in our country women is also called Devi. Since the past few times women have improved their position and are moving ahead, we should do our best to help them, because where women are not respected, there is no pleasure. 

On 8th March (March 8, 2019) international women’s day (international women’s day 2019) celebrated with great fanfare in whole world. It goes on. International women’s day 2019 (international women’s day 2019) means women’s most special and special day.  International women’s day is not just a day but twenty four hours a day, including 1440 minutes and 86400 seconds, you want to make the most important woman in your life feel special and give a surprise or gift. So today we are telling you special gift ideas on the special occasion of international women’s day 2019 (international women’s day 2019).

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Best Gifts for Women Day 2020

  • Gift ides 1 for women’s day 

 If you want to give a special gift to a significant woman in your life, that is, your mother, your sister, your wife, your teacher. So that’s one of the high – tech things

Gift your hand-held greeting CARDS or love notes on your feelings to your digital setting.

  • Gift ideas 2 for woman day   

 If your mother or wife are a home maker and often prefer to stay at home. So on this women’s day you can plan a outing with them at the place of their favourite. They will love your revenge.

  • Gift ideas 3 for woman day

 If you have one of the most important women’s health and fitness partners in your life, they can offer an exercise mat or fitness gift.

  • Gift ides 4 gift for women’s day

 Women are usually passionately attached to jewellery. Such if you someone with wishing women’s day to your mother, wife, sister or daughter.

 To pay a special gift to get something special. There are a number of options such as chain, bracelet, branch bond, anklet, and earrings.

  • Gift idea 5 for women day

 If you’re confused with choosing a woman’s day gift to your loved one, then it’s a good idea to gift a makeup kit. Because a large number of women are always connive about their looks and do not hesitate to adopt innovative measures to improve it.

Other Gift ideas for Women Day 

  • The spa or massage therapist will work for you throughout the day, as well as for your needs. From cooking to cleaning the house, handling children, etc. In between, she forgets to make time for herself. You can offer them in the languorous spa or detox therapy gift on a women’s day. Whether it’s a facial, manicure, pedicure, full body massage, or any other beauty treatment… Believe that anybody you give this gift won’t be happy.
  • Promote their any hobbies – Can your mother or wife be so busy managing work and home that they can’t even make time for their favourite hobby? If so, you can gift them a membership of dance classes, music classes, guitar classes, yoga classes, or other creative writing to help them survive their passion.
  • If is fond of books – If your wife, sister or friend loves books, you can also gift them a good book or e-reader.
  • Stylish handbags – Handbags are one of the things every woman has and if the person you want to gift is very stylish and fashionable, you can gift them the best and stylish handbags.
  • Running shoes – Women need to be on the lookout for their health. You can gift your loved one a run shoes so that they start taking care of their health seriously.

Women love things that make her look better. One of them is the bag. 

Today, there is an age of artificial jewellery. You can also choose to have artificial toothpaste made by brands.

  • A woman who never likes makeup. It’s also very easy to buy. Sell well – made makeup kits in the market. 
  • Working women like watches. Today, I have change. You can also provide that. Every   range of clocks will be available in the market.
  • If you can’t afford that, she can afford flower flowers with a flower. Even if you give a flower, that will do the same.
  • You can gift him the Philips’ multi-styler kit on this international woman’s day, making him hairstyle every day.
  • If they love to click their own photos, they can gift these 3-in-1 camera lens kits.
  • The best gift is the watch for women. You can gift these watch of frosil brand to them
  • This kind of hair removal shaver can also be a better gift.

Celebration ideas for Women’s Day 2020

Some countries like Afghanistan, China, Cambodia, Nepal and Georgia have declared holidays on this day; some countries do not have full day off and give half a day off. In some countries, children give gifts to their mother on this day and this day is dedicated to their mother, so in many countries men offer gifts to their wives, friends, sisters, etc.

 In India, many institutions are promoting women with a view to honour this day. Though the way of celebration of this day may be different in every country, it is aimed at the same thing everywhere, equality for women everywhere.

In fact, in 1908 a women’s Labour movement started celebrating women’ s day. This day, about 15, 000 women performed in New York City, demanding a job drop, a better pay and a few other rights. A year later the socialist party of America declared this day as the first national women ‘s day. In 1910, there was an international conference of working women at Copenhagen, which suggested celebrating this day as international women’s day and gradually it became popular all over the world as international women’s day. This day was recognized as international women’s day in 1975, when the United Nations started celebrating it with a theme.

  • Interesting anecdote related to women’s day

 The first women’s day was celebrated in America in 1909.

 The Russian women celebrated the first women’s day in 1917 protesting against world war. At that time, Czar Nicholas ii, the leader of Russia, directed the general khabalo of the petro grade military district to stop and shoot any woman who resisted it. But this threat did not scare any woman and faced every trouble boldly. Exhausted by the indomitable courage of these women, the Russian leaders forced the czar to surrender their arms and gave up power.

The United Nations officially celebrated the first international women’s day on March 8, 1975.

You will be surprised to learn that there are many countries in the world where women are given a holiday on the occasion of international women’s day. Afghanistan, Cuba, Vietnam and Uganda, Cambodia, Russia, Belorussia and Ukraine are some countries with an official holiday on March 8.

  • Attend a women networking program

Wherever you are in the professional industry, march is a wonderful month for women’s events and conferences. These events help women professionals to support and empower each other, to share knowledge and to provide advice.

If you are a professional woman, volunteer for a young man in your field. or forward yourself as speaker and share your knowledge on the stage.


The official theme of this year iwd # bebold forchange all men and women are encouraged to take important steps for gender equality every where.

The content can be influenced by the millions of women who have taken to the streets of political campaigns this year. This year’s iwd has promised to be much larger than ever.

This pledge is a great opportunity to stand up, speak and hear on March 8. Make your online pledge to bebold forchange, and share your support on social media.

Join a March

 The ‘international women’ strike is an international day of planned action for March 8, 2017. Women are being organised in more than 30 countries across the world in connection with the strike.

  1. In particular, the strike encourages women to march:
  2. Gender violence is an end to both domestic and institutional.
  3. Reproductive justice, body autonomy and freedom of choice for all women
  4. Labour rights and equal work equal pay.
  5. Environmental justice and recognition of its relationship with social inequality
  6. End racism, mass imprisoned and police cruelty

The honour of women in Indian culture has been greatly valued. There is a verse in Sanskrit which is the god of love that is to say, where a woman is worshipped, the gods reside. But in the present circumstances, the woman is being insulted everywhere. Considering it as an article of enjoyment, a man is using it in his own way. It is extremely disturbing. But it is necessary to consider how woman can be respected while maintaining our culture.

If we have a look at nowadays girls then we find that these girls are very starving nowadays. We can see them marching ahead in every field. Girls appearing in the merit list of various examinations fast forward. At one time they were considered weak, but they have acquired proficiency in every field on the strength of their hard work and intelligent power. Their talent should be honoured.

  • A womanlike moving from shoulder to shoulder

 The life of a woman is spent shoulder to shoulder with man. He had a childhood in his father’s lap. In his father’s house also he has to do household chores and to continue his studies. He continues till his marriage.

In the meantime, he has to perform the dual responsibility of studies as well as household chores, while the boys have nothing to do but study. Some youngsters do not study properly even though they have no other work to do. In this perspective women have always walked shoulder to shoulder with men, and have too many responsibilities. Woman is also respectable in this manner.

happy women’s day

Happy women’s day to all.

Happy Women’s Day is celebrated every year on 7th March all over the world.

happy women's day 2021 quotes
happy women’s day 2021 quotes

Happy Women’s Day is especially for women. This day is celebrated to honor the women of our world.

As we all know how important a woman is. We all have a woman in our youth, whether it is our mother, grandmother, sister or anyone else. They help in making our life complete.

happy women's day 2021 slagon
happy women’s day 2021 slagon

Women’s Day gives him a special feeling, which brings happiness and a smile on his face. This day is celebrated in different ways. Different purposes are also kept to celebrate this day. All this makes Women’s Day special.

happy women's day 2021 Images
happy women’s day 2021 Images

In some proverbs it has also been said that a woman is a luxuriant in the house. A woman’s hand is behind every man’s success. These are all the things that describe the specialty of Women’s Day.

Happy Women’s Day is celebrated with different themes. As we all know, today’s time is not safe for ladies and girls. Everyday, somewhere, rape incidents are seen and heard. This is a situation against the honor of women.

happy women's day 2021 wishes
happy women’s day 2021 wishes

Happy Women’s Day makes them aware of all these things. On this day, the government also runs new campaigns for women’s protection. Apart from this, there are many other purposes involved in celebrating Women’s Day.

happy women's day 2021 shayari
happy women’s day 2021 shayari

Our friends and relatives make Women’s Day even more special. They congratulate on this day. Along with these greetings, related quotes from Women’s Day, shayari, thoughts and many other things are shared on social media. It makes them feel good. This also makes our thinking towards women positive. Women’s Day tells us about its usefulness.

happy women's day 2021 photo
happy women’s day 2021 photo

Here are some quotes related to Happy Women’s Day, special, which we can send to the ladies of our house on the occasion of this day. This is a beautiful day for them. Which makes this day special and better.

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